CoD Warzone (Verdansk) / Quads / Kill Race

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How the kill race tournament works ↓

  • Your team and opponents will join random Call of Duty Warzone Quads games (in Verdansk map) and compete to score the most points over a time frame of 3 hours. 
  • You can play unlimited matches inside the time allowed.
  • You will select your best 3 matches.
  • At least 1 team member will stream the games to ensure they respect every rules. Mainland staff will verify that.
  • After tournament ends you will have 60 minutes to report the scores of your 3 best matches.
  • Winners will be announced the following day of the tournament at 5PM (EST).
  • Cash payouts will be made the following Monday.

Please read the complete rules to understand points, streaming and other details before beginning the tournaments.

Placement Reward and kill value

Warzone Victory25 Points
2nd Position
20 Points
3rd Position
15 Points
4th Position
10 Points
5th Position
5 Point
Kill 1 Point


  • Example 1: Placement #4 with 10 kills = 10 points for placement, 10 points for kills. A total of 20 points to the team.
  • Example 2: Placement #7 with 5 kills = 0 points for placement, 5 points for kills. A total of 5 points to the team.

Tie Breaker

  1. Most total kills in a single game

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